Europe needs the far left to win in Greece.

Hitler: Proved himself to be full of shit.

Hitler: Proved himself to be full of shit.

Imagine if the July 1944 plot had been successful, and Hitler had been killed, and the coup had succeeded. The war could possibly have ended earlier. But imagine Hitler’s reputation today, as the guy who could have won the war for Nazi Germany had he not been stabbed in the back by “traitors”. A similar situation exists in Greece, where the Greek people have pretty much turned their back on conventional centrist politics and voted for the extremes of left and right. Well, you know what? This is good.

We need one country to be run by the pain-free populist priests of anti-austerity, so that we can all clearly see what happens when easy answers are applied. We need to kill the Hitler Martyr Myth, that these guys have the answer if only they’d been given a chance. Let’s see how Greece does under Stavros Higgins and Richard Boyd Theodopolopolos.

And, by the way, the EU (and NATO) needs to make it very clear to the Greek military that on no account will any sort of military action against an elected Greek government, even of the far left, be tolerated. The Greek people must be given the right to confront reality themselves, even if that reality is to flush their own country down the toilet.    

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  1. So Nazis have a free hand to do as they please ? What if they start genociding people ? Isn’t the whole point of the EU and the Euro to create false realities ? By signing up to the EU and the Euro the Greeks voluntarily surrendered their democracy to Germany (maybe they couldn’t see this but that was the reality). Greece is basically a province of a German empire. Just like Newfoundland was a province of the British empire in the first half of the twentieth century. When Newfoundland’s corrupt politicians bankrupted the colony Britain was forced to step in and pay the debt.The alternative would have been a loss in confidence of British bonds and thus higher borrowing cost for a large part of the world. British bonds made it possible for developing areas like Rhodesia to borrow at the same rates as developed countries like Norway. Now Britain had to make sure the corrupt politics didn’t come back straight away and thus democracy was ended and a British governor ran the colony. That’s reality. (If Newfoundland had been an independent country it would have been impossible for the corrupt politicians to have borrowed so much. Especially in a gold standard world.). Reality is an independent country outside the the Euro and the EU and Franco-German ‘great power’ dreams. When I say ‘outside the Euro’ I really mean ‘outside the ECB’. Countries can use whatever currency they like if they don’t have a central bank ! Bet no one told anyone in Ireland this when they joined the Euro ! It was ‘join the ECB’ or economic oblivion. Don’t people in Ireland ever wonder how Kosovo gets to use Euros or Panama can use the dollar without the Iron Fist of a central bank ? Strange how Panama has had every sort of problem in the last hundred years but inflation and financial collapse isn’t one of them ? Do you think that central banks might be the source of financial instability rather than the financial stabilisers they claim to be ?

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