Europol to aid hunt for 859,000 Irish who thrashed country.

The scene of the crime.

The scene of the crime.

Europol announced that they would join in the international hunt for 859,000 people who partook in a criminal conspiracy to defraud Ireland of billions in state revenues. The gang, known as Fianna Fail Voters, engaged in a plot to steal billions from the state coffers by putting in place a collection of confederates who removed the money and dispersed it around the gang.

Gang members who have been apprehended by the authorities have all claimed that they had no idea they were involved, and that the money was “magic money” that they had “come into”. They also stated that although the conspiracy was nothing to do with them they were bitter that there was no more money, and that they should surely be compensated for not getting money from a conspiracy which had nothing to to do with them.     

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