Even Spooks shows how unthinkingly eurosceptic Britain is.

If only Harry Pearce's MI5 knew of some economic organisation made up of shared democratic values that Britain could join?

If only Harry Pearce's MI5 knew of some economic organisation made up of shared democratic values that Britain could join?

Yes, I know that BBC’s spy thriller series “Spooks” is fictional, but it is interesting how a TV series is influenced by the prevailing culture of the time. Consider the current (and final) series of “Spooks”. In it, the Americans are very much the baddies whilst the government is negotiating a defence and economic cooperation treaty with the Russians. The home secretary in the series justifies the deal to MI5 chief  Harry Pearce on the grounds that the US is no longer reliable as an ally and Britain is a small country that needs strong friends in the future, especially when it comes to energy security. What???

In the series, Britain is happy to turn its back on the US to enter into an alliance with a very dubious regime in Moscow. It doesn’t seem to occur to any of the players that Britain could actually form a closer alliance with a group of economically and politically comparable nations that Britain already shares a treaty with, i.e., the rest of the EU. It could share defence issues and could use the economic clout of a properly co-ordinated EU to get a better deal from Russia, whilst keeping an alliance open with the US. Instead they form an alliance with Russia? Seriously?

Let’s not go mad. It is, after all, only a TV show, and a very enjoyable one at that. But the tone of the show says something. The Americans are baddies, and the rest of Europe doesn’t even get a look in. That’s how Britain, or at least the creators of the show think Britain sees the world?

3 thoughts on “Even Spooks shows how unthinkingly eurosceptic Britain is.

  1. Dopey or merely disingenuous ?

    The world as described by such programmes is broadcast by the State Televisual Apparat, which is itself funded by the EU, using funds purloined from nation state taxpayers.

    In the mindset of the STA (AKA Bolschevik Broadcasting Corp, everything connected to the US is naturally eeevil, doncha kno ?

    Kind regards

  2. I don’t know if you’re a football supporter Jason, but I think the UK is a bit like Spurs – a middle sized club that continually pretends to be a big one, mainly because it’s run by dickheads with a short attention span.

    Over the years, their successive chairmen have always liked to start rumours about how they’re in the market to bring big names to the club – they inhabit a fantasy world in which they make big mistakes and spend a fortune rectifying them.

    The UK is like that. We can only deal with The Great Powers because WE’RE ONE OF THEM. Not like puny old Germany…..

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