Fascist goo attack.

(Pic: Plane Sense)

Fascist? That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? Is it? A bunch of unelected people don’t like a certain public policy. Fair enough. So they decide to disrupt it? Who gave them the power? Just because it is Peter Mandelson, who tends to be unpopular because he isn’t afraid to take on unpopular causes, doesn’t make it right. The Irish public sector, for example, can put 100,000 on the street. Therefore, should they run the country because they’re the best organised mob?

Things can’t be decided by unelected mobs. Start with that and we end up with illiterate thugs burning paediatricians out of their homes.

In fairness, it says something about British cabinet ministers, that the UK is still a country where you can do stuff like this and not get shot dead. Let’s see these guys try something like that with President Obama.

3 thoughts on “Fascist goo attack.

  1. Democracy, or rule of the mob, is over-rated. A lynch mob is a democracy.
    Far better is a Constitutional Republic, like America, but maybe that’s because it has a constitution that limits the power of government and promotes government for, rather than of the people. It’s a shame that they voted in Obama who is plainly going to ignore the Constitution if he can get away with it. Obama: If it works, let’s break it.
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  2. Yeah, but the guy who appointed him was elected. Just because Plane Sense can’t get the public to side with them doesn’t give them a right to implement their own policies through direct action, such as disrupting flights, which they have done in the past.

    The Lib Dems don’t like the British voting system. Doesn’t give them the right to stop people voting.

  3. Just remember that Peter (now Lord)Mandelson is unelected too.

    His mob just has the power to appoint people when they want to.

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