FF or FG: Who is more left wing?

Whilst reading UK Tory blogger Iain Dale’s blog, he posed a question from a pub quiz he was at: Who is more left wing? FF or FG? The funny thing is, even a simple question like that will cause ructions amongst Irish political hacks. I genuinely don’t know the answer, even socially or economically.

I do know that some hack will say “Neither. Left-Right politics doesn’t apply in Ireland because blah blah blah” but that just is not true. FF and FG are essentially conservative status quo parties, who support the minimum amount of change required to keep things the way they are, but are opposed to radical change, a position held, I suspect, by most Irish people. Basically they are old style Disraelite Tory parties. So they are both on the moderate right. But which one is more right wing than the other? FG is more right wing on neutrality (without ever, in government, ever doing anything about it), but then FF made blasphemy a criminal offence. So, in short, buggered if I know.  

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