Fianna Fail: Great men for watching the horse’s arse galloping away.

Fianna Fail leader, Thursday  03 Mar 2007.
It was extraordinary that the director of the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement needed another 20 staff when he already had 36…….. the director, Paul Appleby, was getting additional staff, but not 20. It was a question of prioritising staff………………Mr Appleby’s office was getting four staff this year and it is hoped he will receive another four. “
Fianna Fail leader, Wednesday 18th February 2009
” I don’t know the identity of these people. It is under investigation by the Director of Corporate Enforcement and the regulator. ………………It’s a matter for the statutory authorities……………..If the regulator says the fraud squad needs to be involved so be it.”
Fianna Fail: Masters of the late barn door closure.

One thought on “Fianna Fail: Great men for watching the horse’s arse galloping away.

  1. What do you expect? Posterity? Accountability? What planet are you living on? We, the people, don’t want propriety in complicated affairs such as this. We want a few heads to roll and plenty of money. And if the politicians can’t deliver that, we’ll throw eggs at them until it makes us feel better. And then we’ll blame them for not having taken the tough decision to cut money to us in the first place.

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