Fine Gael: Bond with Labour, or strangle them!

Inda jungle, the mighty jungle...
Back in 1989, when FF conceded on the principle of coalition, who would have thought what it meant? FF permanently in government.
The truth is, we live in a kind of Hong Kong style democracy where we only really get to choose the non-FF members of the cabinet. It’s as if FF have some sort of constitutional right to ten cabinet seats. The reason for this is that, bizarrely, there is only one party that absolutely will not put an FF taoiseach back in, and they won’t tell anyone!
FG needs Labour, and Labour is FF’s backdoor back in if the election goes bad.
Isn’t it time that FG puts the foot down? A vote for Labour is either a vote to put FF out, or else back in again. It can’t be both, and if Labour won’t make the call, then FG should do it for them, and go after Labour too. Sure, FG people will say that they cannot win without Labour, which is true, but it can’t keep standing outside Labour’s house with a wilting bouquet as Labour speeds off on another night of blouse fumbling with FF. There is such a thing as dignity.

One thought on “Fine Gael: Bond with Labour, or strangle them!

  1. I think you are quite right on this. In the current political climate, the people want Fianna Fáil out, and the message that FG should continue to push is that if you want Cowen, Coughlan, Lenihan and co out, the only way to guarantee that is by voting FG.

    You can want all the change you want, but if you vote Labour, Greens or anyone else, there is no guarantee that your not letting Fianna Fáil back in for another term of incompetence and cronyism.

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