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Fine Gael celebrate expulsion of “dangerous radical” from party.

Posted by Jason O on Feb 8, 2010 in Irish Politics, Not quite serious. |

Fine Gael: It's disgraceful when the help get uppity!

Fine Gael: It's disgraceful when the help get uppity!

Sources in Fine Gael are praising party leader Enda Kenny for shrewdly engineering the departure of George Lee from the party. A party spokesperson said: “We knew from day one that fella was going to be trouble. Sure he walked into the parliamentary rooms with a load of bukes under his arms. Bukes! And just because he was an expert in economics, sure that doesn’t mean he gets a say in nuttin’. He kept using sentences in the party meetings that didn’t have “Fianna Fail are a crowd of gougers” in the middle of them! Sure, he needs to know his place: Did any of his family fight the irregulars? Does he have any breedin’? Was Eoin O’Duffy ever to tea on the family ranch? Has he ever shot a tinker? And what sort of name is Lee anyway? I can tell you one thing for certain: It is days like today that will let the ordinary people of Ireland know exactly what sort of people run Fine Gael!”


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