Fine Gael expected Lee to be as mediocre as they are.

Imagine getting a new, well paid job, and then being told that you may have to wait a few years before you can do it. That’s pretty much what FG did to George Lee, despite the fact that that is not what they told the electors of Dublin South they’d do with his talents.

But what is most telling about this affair is the response given by young FG TDs: That George should have been willing to pretty much waste years of his life before FG get into government, and even then there was no guarantee that he’d actually get any sort of job in government worthy of the skills that FG told us he had in the byelection.

That’s the crux: That there are people in FG willing to squander years of their lives doing little of real use in opposition, leading empty lives of frustration. They say that it’s not their fault, they are, after all, not in government. But this just goes to show the mediocre thinking in FG. FG could get parliamentary reform, with powerful committees and open votes on issues and a huge increase in private members bills if they wished? How? By telling FF that they will refuse to cooperate in pairing arrangements, and effectively ending the ability of government to pass bills. But FG won’t do that, because that is not “the way things are done”, the defence of the mediocre throughout the ages. Instead, talented people like George Lee, who wish to lead a useful life now, leave the Dail to the cud-chewing peaceful bovines of FG, lolling around in their peaceful opposition pasture.¬†Moooooo!

2 thoughts on “Fine Gael expected Lee to be as mediocre as they are.

  1. You make a fair point Michael, but if FG had intended that, they sure didn’t say it at the byelection. Perhaps voters were being naive, but we know now that a vote for a first time FG candidate is a vote for someone who will have to shut up for the first couple of years. At least we know now.

  2. You are normally a level headed fella Jason, but off the boil on this one in my view. Not everyone can be boss. A degree in economics and years spent spouting to the camera does not give Lee the automatic right to a top job in opposition. He heeded to be patient and show some maturity, ‘xcuse the cliche but he needed to walk the walk for a while after talking the talk all his career.

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