Fine Gael has a good idea!

And suddenly, Enda said something!

And suddenly, Enda said something!

Some proposals from Fine Gael here. Some of it’s quite good. All very populist, won’t actually save that much, but perception matters a lot these days, and the government has to be seen to carry its share, something Fianna Fail has been unusually incompetant about grasping. Is it that the current batch of  FF TDs, most of them children of the boom, just can’t fathom the hardship going on in the country?  

The Senate stuff is a bit wishy washy (Why should graduates be singled out for their own Senate seats?) but a move in the right direction.

It also leaves Fianna Fail standing up for the rights of  the vulnerable, you know, ordinary junior ministers trying to eek out a pittance and put a crust on the table for their families. Bless.

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