George Bush advisor: Lisbon treaty will weaken NATO.

Neo-Con John Bolton

Neo-Con John Bolton and friend.

An article from The Daily Telegraph last year, reporting comments from former US Ambassador to the UN and Neo-Con High Priest John Bolton whilst speaking in UCD. Whereas I wouldn’t regard John Bolton as being in a position to lecture anyone about how to run a democracy (How about counting all the votes in, say, Florida, for example?)  he probably knows something about NATO. You can see it here

I suspect Mary Lou, Joe Higgins and Richard Boyd Barrett all shifted uncomfortably as he agreed with their stance for the exact opposite reasons that they espouse. NeoCons For a No Vote, anyone?

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  1. Regular readers will know that I have no problem publishing comments criticising my posts. But sorry, I draw the line at someone trying trying to post, in the comments section, an entire article by Declan Ganley!

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