Gerry Adams running in Louth.

Gerry Adams, despite setbacks in recent years, is still a Sinn Fein star. He’ll be a considerable asset to SF when (and one assumes it is a when) he is elected in Louth. What’s interesting, however, is that SF choose to run him in one of their safest already held seats, and not in a new seat like Dublin Central. I wonder what that says about SF’s feeling towards the coming contest? They’re polling reasonably well, and it isn’t wild to expect them to gain seats, but are they afraid that a Labour tsunami might hit them as well, I wonder?

3 thoughts on “Gerry Adams running in Louth.

  1. think the louth decision is purely as he is a belfast man and wants to stay closer to belfast- hed walk a number of dublin constituencies also – dublin central was probably tempting

  2. I don’t doubt it is a smart move, I just wonder do SF feel that they need to consolidate what they have over breaking new ground.

  3. Why take a risk with Adams? Pop him somewhere safe, and let them have an actual party leader for the Republic. Smart move, this.

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