Good books you should read: Resurrection Day.

“Resurrection Day” by Brendan Dubois is set in an alternative 1972 where the Cuban Missile Crisis caused a nuclear war which devastated part of the US and all of Russia. JFK is loathed as a war criminal, and a journalist is trying to investigate what really happened.

Was surprised that it wasn’t a bigger hit when it came out in 1999, as it is a really enjoyable book. Slight disclaimer of sorts: I enjoyed the book so much that I wrote to the author, and he sent me back a really nice letter, so a good guy too!

2 thoughts on “Good books you should read: Resurrection Day.

  1. Have to saY I was surprised it wasn’t bigger all right. Especially as “Fatherland” showed there is an appetite for alternative history. The only flaw I would have with it (***spoiler alert***) is the slightly far fetched British plot at the end.

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