Govt to commission Skeletor to act as all-round cause of nation’s problems.

Skeletor: Newly appointed Director of the Office for Evil Affairs.The Dept of the Taoiseach has announced that former 1980s cartoon baddy Skeletor has been commissioned to act as general source of the nation’s problems and universal hate figure. The former Masters of the Universe nemesis of He-Man has welcomed the appointment, and pledged, to polite applause from Dept officials at the launch in Merrion Square, that “soon Dublin Castle will be mine!”

The government has taken the decision after in-depth analysis has shown that the Irish people

FG finance spokesman Michael Noonan TD yesterday.

FG finance spokesman Michael Noonan TD yesterday.

are happiest when they have an all powerful and seemingly indefatigable hate figure to blame for all our failings as a nation. A spokesperson added: “We used to blame the British for everything, and now the banks, but the problem is that evidence is emerging that our economic┬áproblems seem to be primarily┬ácaused by a mixture of our greed as a nation and general economic incompetence. This obviously doesn’t really suit a nation that has blamed potato infections for plotting against us, so this seems like a sensible option. Other nations have revolutions, or radically change the way the run themselves, but that’s not for us. Now we can feel good blaming Skeletor for all our woes, from unemployment to the price of a pint. We did look at Gargamel from The Smurfs, but the problem is that he just looks too much like Michael Noonan.”

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