A Great Book: Strange Days Indeed.

A great read, indeed.
A great read, indeed.

I enjoyed it so much that I just have to give five stars to Francis Wheen’s “Strange Days Indeed: The Golden Age of Paranoia.” The book is a look at some of political and social madness of the 1970s, primarily in the UK and the US, and is great fun, being both informative and laugh out loud funny.

Wheen takes the reader through Richard Nixon’s mental breakdown during Watergate to the OZ obscenity trial (where the British State attempted to draft in experts to determine what size Rupert Bear’s penis was. I’m not joking) to the British cabinet secretary stripping off naked and having a nervous breakdown in front of the Governor of the Bank of England, to various plots to overthrow the British Govt using the army, the police, and by placing ads in the Daily Telegraph!

Add in Idi Amin and Uri Geller and you have one of the most enjoyable books of the year. Check out Wheen’s videos at the Amazon links above to get a taste of the books.

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