Great books you should read: Last Light by Alex Sparrow

DIsturbing, Oil say. When I’m not reading historical biographies, political tracts or the history of obscure TV shows ( I know, I know.) I enjoy the odd thriller. Normally, even though I enjoy them, I wouldn’t go so far as to recommend them because I appreciate that they are a very subjective genre.

Having said that, I would recommend Alex Scarrow’s (Great name for a James Bond baddy. “Expect me to talk, Scarrow? No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die. Mwahahaha!) Last Light   primarily because it scared the bejaysus out of me. Not because of the dramatic tension, or even the plot, but because of the concept. Basically, what happens when the oil suddenly runs out?

What is so disturbing is the picture of absolute collapse of civilisation Scarrow paints, about how reliant we are on oil and not just for transport. You’ll find yourself pondering the topic long after you’ve finished the novel, and googling “Peak Oil.”

This isn’t Philp Roth but worth throwing into the bag for a holiday read.

One thought on “Great books you should read: Last Light by Alex Sparrow

  1. Hi, thanks for the review (just happened to spot it whilst googling the book) I’m glad it made an impression on you. Most important of all…it seems to have left you thinking about the issue of Peak Oil. Good. Job done 🙂

    thanks again

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