Christmas Treats for Someone: Boston Legal

Such is the multiplicity of TV channels now available to us, it is very possible that you can miss some real gems, and Boston Legal is one of them.

This David E. Kelly created (Husband of Michelle Pfeiffer and creator of Ally McBeal and The Practice) show stars William Shatner as the ultra right wing, formerly brilliant, womanising client-shooting possibly Mad Cow Disease infected egomaniac lawyer Denny Crane in the role that will actually challenge  Captain Kirk as the role he is remembered for. In short, Shatner steals the show, and with Candace Bergen, James Spader and others putting in bravura displays, you have to see it to see how good he is.

The show is a “dramedy”, and sometimes goes off on a whacky tangent (The actors occasionally refer to the fact it is a TV show whilst still in character) but it tends to lean more on the comedy than the drama, and is razor sharp in its cultural and political observations.

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