Great Movies you should see: Down with Love.

Ring-a-ding-ding!When I told a friend recently how much I enjoyed the movie Down with Love   he remarked that I was rapidly becoming the “Gayest straight man” he knew.

In fairness, recommending this could give that impression, so let me be clear. If you haven’t a clue about the old Rock Hudson/Doris Day “Sex Comedies” (Believe me, they were innocent times.) of the 1960s then you won’t get this movie at all.

But if you are familiar with them, then this Renee Zellwegger/Ewan McGregor vehicle is great fun, with McGregor as the womanising Rat Pack prototype journalist Catcher Block and Zellwegger as the ultra feminist author Barbara Novak holding true to its 1960s roots as a battle of the sexes movie, with wonderful support from the always excellent David Hyde Pierce and superb production values. It’s just a great movie to look at and listen to.

Light and fluffy.

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