Great Movies you should see: Recount

All I wanted to do was vote for Gore!

All I wanted to do was vote for Gore!

“Recount” is a real treat for political junkies, telling in detail the story of the 2000 presidential vote recount in Florida. Based on four different books, the movie surprised me by not playing up the usual “Bush stole it!” angle but instead pointing to the chaotic nature of how elections are run in Florida, and how the Republicans just played a better ground game than the Democrats.

Although Kevin Spacey is the star, the movie is absolutely stolen by Tom Wilkinson as James Baker and a brilliant performance by Laura Dern as Katherine Harris, the completely out of her depth Florida Secretary of State.

It also does that thing that American filmakers do so well, taking a dry subject such as election law (And what the hell a hanging chad was!) and turning it into edge of the seat stuff.

A great cast, a fast paced story, and should be in every political hack’s DVD library, in between The West Wing and The Candidate.

6 thoughts on “Great Movies you should see: Recount

  1. Jason, The War Room is a great doc on the Bill Clinton election, it was re-released on DVD this year, it’s a must see for the inner workings of the campaign.

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  5. Really good movie…. could not agree more Jason, a must to really understand the US electoral system in all its glory !!

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