Christmas Treats For Someone: Damages

Damages: Worth a look.

Damages: Worth a look.

In this age of US cable channels and DVD boxsets, it’s very possible to completely miss shows that 10 or 15 years ago would be regarded as must-see TV. Damages is one of those shows. It stars the original bunny boiler, Glenn Close, as Manhattan litigator Patty Hewes, and Ted Danson as her nemesis and target, billionaire Arthur Frobisher, and tells the story of a titanic legal struggle between the two. The show is also peppered with “flash forwards” about a murder which occurs later in the plot. Close is excellent, but the real revelation is Ted Danson, whose performance goes to prove the old adage about how it is easier for comedy actors to play straight roles than vice versa. The title is interesting, because the show boasts almost no sympathetic characters, but instead people “damaged” and morally compromised by their pursuit of wealth and success. Good, solid stuff. Keep an eye out for Zeljko Ivanek, an American-Slovenian actor who plays Frobisher’s lawyer Ray Fisk, and is rapidly becoming one of those “Hey! That’s that guy from that thing!” who is in everything.


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  1. The thing about Irish television is that it does get the best US shows. They just tend to show them in the middle of the night!

  2. This is a great show, season 2 is awesome too. I’m not sure this is on Irish tv (like many of the best us tv).

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