Great TV: Sherlock Season Two now out!

Sherlock: The BBC at its best.

Sherlock: The BBC at its best.

The BBC have shown great savvy by releasing season two of “Sherlock” on DVD literally one week after the season’s dramatic final episode and its “How did he do it?” ending. This is currently my favourite show on TV, not just because of the superb performances by all the cast (Martin Freeman in particular, playing that difficult straightman Ernie Wise role to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ernie in a touching yet exasperated manner. Andrew Scott’s Jim Moriarty is also great fun too). Not only because of the genuinely “Oh, that’s cool!” moments in the plot, or the humour (Sherlock’s rant about the deerstalker cap is very funny) but because it is very obvious that Moffatt and Gatiss who created the show, are true blue fans of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s creation and have managed to recraft without molestation.

Go on, treat yourselves. 


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