Guest blogs: An invitation.

Just on the off chance that you get tired of my tiresome repetitive whining (imagine that) I’m throwing out an appeal to readers who may like to submit a guest blog.

Here’s the rules:

1. Length as suits, but I suggest around 600-800 words as a rough rule of thumb. And no, you won’t get paid.
2. Don’t get me sued. No libel. And no racist stuff either.
3. You don’t have to agree with me. I’m a liberal centre right pro-European. You can be a high taxing leftie or a Eurosceptic social conservative. Of course, if I disagree with your piece I will reply, but would you expect any different?
4. In particular, I’d love to hear from FF/FG people on what values actually separate their two respective parties, as I’m one of those annoying people who thinks there aren’t any. Please do not send a party puff piece though, because nobody ever finishes reading them.
5. Send a jpg and a short bio too. Is it worth your while? The blog gets a very modest 12,000 – 15,000 visits a month (outside of election and referendum periods), but the great majority seem to be involved in politics and the media, certainly going by my email and Twitter followers. Bizarrely, 10% of my readers seem to live in Belgium. Imagine that.

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