Housekeeping Notice.

Folks, some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted your comments, and in particular I seem to have struck a nerve with my EU President and Noel Dempsey postings! Just to assure you that it’s a software problem I’m trying to address, and not an act of wanton censorship. As you know, I don’t censor my critics (You know who you are, UKIP boy) and just edit for libel and for the bizarre people who want to publish painfully long anti EU tracts. They can get their own blog. And, of course, on the instructions of my Brussels paymasters/Giant Bilderberg Lizards who pay me so much to run this blog.

3 thoughts on “Housekeeping Notice.

  1. As you will be ware, plenty of fascists, from the 1930s onwards, have wanted a federal Europe: Oswald Mosley, for one, was an obsessive Euro-zealot, whose final act in politics was to campaign in the UK for a “Yes” vote in 1975.

    This obviously doesn’t mean that all Europhiles are secret Nazis; but it would be nice if they acknowledged – just occasionally – the liberal, internationalist and (not least) democratic case against the EUSSR.

    Kind regards

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