Humility, President Juncker, Humility!

JCJ2There’s a rumour floating about that there’s a plan for a imperial-style presidential inauguration ceremony for Jean Claude Juncker, to be held at the European Parliament.

Please, in the name of God, don’t let it be true. There would be nothing more grating than for the rest of Europe to watch thousands of EU employees, all on the taxpayer’s eurocent, applauding another EU employee for getting the Job of Jobs. This is the sort of stuff that would make The Daily Mail do an “Oh my!” in a southern American accent and faint.

Seriously, understatement is the key here. A small group witnessing JCJ take an oath, quietly and elegantly, is the tone to set.

Where? Well, the location should underline a theme of the incoming presidency.

Perhaps the Estonian-Russian border?

Will it annoy UKIP? Almost certainly. But who cares what Putin’s Party thinks? If UKIP don’t like it, let them go back to Moscow.

One thought on “Humility, President Juncker, Humility!

  1. I think there should be an imperial type ceremony. Indeed, he is the new president of every country in Europe. If you feel embarrassed about him and the EU in general, don’t be shy, just leave and save your country’s continued existence that Mr. Juncker and the EU are so proud to destroy

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