Iarnrod Eireann: Mad Max on rails.

In a world gone mad, one man was determined to get a window seat.

In a world gone mad, one man was determined to get a window seat.

The Irish Times’s Pricewatch guy Conor Pope has an interesting blog about booking seats on Irish trains here. What I find fascinatiing is the way Iarnrod Eireann have effectively accepted that once you are on the train, you’re on your own.

” Irish Rail spokesman Barry Kenny admits that “it wouldn’t be the case that there will always be someone on hand” to assist someone with a reserved seat or to ask the cider swilling gent to move along because “we have to take account of the cost environment” He expresses the hope that a more mature passenger body, as they grow more familiar with the reservation system, might be able to look after themselves.”

It’s a very Irish solution, that the reasonable idea that having a seat number entitling one to use that seat is not the same as actually using that seat, and does require a Mad Max style willingness to possibly engage in hand to hand combat to get what you want in a world without rules or order, ie the Dublin-Cork train.

The strange thing is, I think IE’s reputation would actually go up if it, along with Dublin Bus, actually got heavy with customers. A couple of ex Polish paratroopers walking up and down the train and the problem’s solved. Same with smoking on buses. Let the driver call a number, have a jeep with four  “security consultants” meet the bus at the next stop, and f**k the transgressors off the bus. The rest of us would all mutter the same thing under our breath. Proper order.       

2 thoughts on “Iarnrod Eireann: Mad Max on rails.

  1. Sign me up Jason! I’m a smoker and I DESPISE people who show absolutely no regard for fellow passengers and indeed for the universal rule of non-smoking on public transport.
    “Fear not!” say dublin bus, “we have a recorded warning to play all over our buses should one unruly fellow or lippy madam decide to light a cigarette and the fear of a €3000 fine is enough to put them off their methadone”
    The reality is that these people are scum and if they can’t follow the rules of common courtesy and the rules displayed on public transport then what hopeful delusion have we when dublin bus spend money on automated voice warnings. I vote that when someone does light up all passengers get an emergency cigarette and lighter which drops down much like an oxygen mask a la ryanair(they haven’t cut cost there surely!) and are directed to the offender to stub out on his/her smug face.

  2. Or dealing with my current pet peeve on Publin transport – people playing music out loud from their mobile phones.

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