ICTU, lobby groups demand magic fairies solve economic crisis.

Sod McCarthy, let's cast a spell instead!

Sod McCarthy, let's cast a spell instead!

NGOs, lobby groups and Congress have all demanded that the government use little magic people to address the issue of possible cuts in public spending in the upcoming budget. ICTU spokesperson Sean Beard told us: “If the government really cared about the poor in this country, it would summon fairies and pixies to cast a spell to address the current spending deficit. But they don’t. The fact is, this government has more faith in Thatcherite economics then it does in witchcraft, potions and magic crystals.”

Another spokesperson, Mary Tambourine, for the Non Governmental Organisation¬†The Parallelogram (“Because not all sides are equal.”) has demanded that the minister from finance consult a spellbook and cast a spell for social justice and compassion.¬†“It’s all well and good the minister lecturing everyone about the gap between revenue and expenditure, but my members have no interest in that stuff. If he cared, he’d make up a voodoo doll of the deficit, and stab it with needles to make it go away.I feel that he needs more positive crystals in his lifeforce.”

Well-known wizard Harry Potter remarked that “You’ll need magic alright to get the Irish public to understand the connection between taxation and spending. Have you tried Wing-Of-Bat and a subscription to The Economist?”

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