Imagine protestors put what they really meant on their posters.

“Other people should pay for things I want!”
“It’s not fair that when we vote for the same three parties we always vote for, we get the same policies!”
“Down with taxes on me. Up with taxes on people I don’t know”
“If I don’t like how something affects me, it’s not fair!”
“The more strongly I feel about something means how right it is!”
“Wealth is not created by hard work but some other way that isn’t nice!”
“There is an easy solution to all our problems but bad people won’t tell us what it is!”
“Poorer people than me deserve all the help other people can give them!”
“People are more important than money except when it comes to the money I get!”
“Capitalism is evil except for Facebook, Twitter and my lovely new iPad!”

3 thoughts on “Imagine protestors put what they really meant on their posters.

  1. You’re bang on, Jason! Tongue in cheek it may be, but it definitely applies to other countries as well – NZ for one!

  2. Ahh. Out of touch fuckwit. From a guy so in touch that he courageously posts anonymous comments. Still, my inbox says differently. An experience, I suspect, that you’re not familiar with, sitting in your bedsit, with its pungent twang of sweat and Monster Munch.

  3. Imagine bloggers put what they really meant in their posts!

    “I’m a miserable out-of-touch fuckwit!”
    “A bigger Europe fulfills my wet-dream of Ireland as a statelet in a greater European federation!”


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