In Georgia the dead could vote. Legally.

Listening to a lecture given by President Jimmy Carter on a podcast recently (I was on the bus, and it was a long journey!) I enjoyed a story he told about his first term as a state senator where he participated in a debate on voting reform in 1963. Georgia, he said, had a unique view of elections, where counties were counted, as opposed to the votes in them, and so it meant that one vote in a rural white district was equal to 99 votes in a black urban district. But what really surprised him was an amendment from a senator from aptly named Enigma county proposing that no person who was dead more than three years should be permitted to vote. When quizzed on the proposal, the senator pointed out that the family of the deceased would have a pretty good idea how the deceased would have cast their ballot. The amendment passed.

I can imagine Fianna Fail pondering something like this at the moment. 

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