Interesting article about immigration and the welfare state.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former Tory leader, has turned into quite an interesting figure, in that he has found his niche as a social justice campaigner. This article, by The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson, raises some interesting points about the modern welfare state. What really caught my eye was the fact that Duncan Smith has evolved beyond the typical Tory “Everyone on welfare is a scrounger” call to a position which confronts some ugly truths about a state sponsored underclass. And it’s not just a Tory thing: Labour MP Chris Mullin, in his excellent “A View from the Foothills” points out the same thing. There is a generation of liberals who still believe (rightly) that the measure of a civilised society is how you care for people at the bottom of the pile, but are beginning to feel that paying them off to remain in their ghettos is not the answer. The fact that I cannot think of a serious Irish politician who would start a debate on an issue like this makes me realise why I’m becoming more interested in politics outside of Ireland these days.    

2 thoughts on “Interesting article about immigration and the welfare state.

  1. Very true. When I was in the PDs, the most right wing Thatcherites were nearly all from a working class background. I can think of one girl in particular who made Margaret Thatcher sound like Joe Higgins.

  2. Frank Field (also Labour MP) has some useful stuff too on the underclass, people who have real experience of being working class themselves typically have very different things to say about assisting people compared to the wooly middle class left.

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