Interesting DVDs: The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer.

“The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer” is a curious one, although worth a look. A black comedy about the political rise of the mysterious Michael Rimmer (Played by Peter Cook), it’s not laugh out loud funny, but pretty far-sighted for its time (1970) about the way politics was going. The movie was a flop at the time, and Cook got slated for his wooden acting, yet his performance has a curious Blairite charisma to it.

Full of the television comedy stars of its day (John Cleese, Arthur Lowe, Ronnie Corbett and the beautiful Valerie Leon, whom you’ll know when you see her) the plot is actually quite interesting as a satirical comment on British politics, with a very interesting conclusion and a final  shot in the movie which is quite chilling.

It also boosts a simple but ingratiating theme music that’ll you’ll find yourself humming for hours. Pick it up if you see it going cheap.

One thought on “Interesting DVDs: The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer.

  1. I remember catching it late night on one of the 4 channels (More or E or regular I’m not sure) and it really was unnervingly prescient, it especially underscored the dangers of continuous participative democracy.

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