Ireland votes No. Then what?

What does a No vote actually mean?

What does a No vote actually mean?

One of the more surprising aspects of the Lisbon treaty debate is the free pass the No side gets on the outcome. Supposing there is a No vote: What happens next?

We do remain in the EU, and the EU operates under old rules, so no mad crisis. But what happens when other EU countries respect our decision not to support further integration, but wish to go ahead themselves?

This is where Mary Lou, Joe Higgins, the Tories, Youth Defence and Richard Boyd Barrett fall apart. They claim we can re-negotiate the perfect treaty. But why would the rest of the EU want that? They don’t need us that much, and having voted No twice, we will have been very clear about our opinions. Surely the rest of Europe will know that negotiating with us is a waste of time.

So they negotiate a new treaty, outside the EU, without us even being in the room, respecting our decision not to want to take part. Next year, the Tories will almost certainly win the British general election, and move to take Britain out to the edges of the EU, as  France, Germany, Italy, Spain and most of the other countries move to further integration. Our choice, and it will be our choice, will be to take part in the integration process, or remain outside with the Brits, once again John Bull’s little brother.

How is this of benefit to us? The No campaign hinges on an odd belief that the right of the rest of Europe to move on without us must not be respected, yet demand they respect our right not to move on. The irony is that it will be Sinn Fein that forces us, for the first time in 30 years, to become once again reliant on Britain. Still, at least it shows that MI5 got value for their money.

6 thoughts on “Ireland votes No. Then what?

  1. Vote yes today,

    ( with the Blessing of Barroso, Vote Often) –

    and if you are really good peoples, you will get what you deserve –

    starting with St. Anthony Bliar as your shiny new President.

    Good luck

    Kind regards

  2. Our counting system is quite clean, and fair, so yes.

    Taking notice? We’ve gotten more of our own way in the EU then we got in the previous 800 years.

    You guys just don’t get it. The EU isn’t them, it’s me. I’m an Irish European and a European Irishman and when it says European Union and Ireland on the front of my passport, that tells me where I’m from and who I am. I’m an Irishman, a patriot, and a proud citizen of the European Union, and no, not one of those contradicts another.

  3. All still possible after the “yes” votes have been scrupulously counted ?


    Ginnell et al would be proud of you – not.

    Goodnight & good luck (esp with the Germans/French/Brits taking any notice of matters directly
    affecting Ireland when promulgating future Eu law)

    Kind regards

  4. Conspiracy theorist? Huh?
    Clean up The Dail: Can be done in a general election. Not affected by Lisbon.
    Devolve power to the lowest practicable level: Ditto.
    Make public services work for the people who use them: Ditto
    Bring foreign & domestic policy back in line with public opinion: Ditto
    Replace the quangos with genuine democracy: Ditto
    Rfresh & renew the political system through localism: Localism? Do you spend much time in ireland?
    The continued use of referenda.
    All still possible after we vote Yes.

  5. Dear God.

    Once a conspiracy theorist, always a conspiracy theorist.

    Try reading “The Plan” (Carswell & Hannan) & applying the suggestions made for the UK to Ireland.
    Clean up The Dail, devolve power to the lowest practicable level, make public services work for the people who use them, bring foreign & domestic policy back in line with public opinion, replace the quangos with genuine democracy, refresh & renew the political system through localism & the continued use of referenda.

    You won’t have the opportunity to do any of this if you vote Yes tomorrow……….

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