Is America permanently divided?

whitehouseMaybe I’m wrong, but I get the impression that the level of hatred and suspicion directed at President Obama is an issue that hints at something very dangerous about American politics. Now, let’s be honest: President Bush was hated by many too, and it got me thinking. Is this the way it is going to be, that every election is a faceoff between the two Americas? For example, if the Congress is won by the GOP on Tuesday, will they use it as a tool to attempt to destroy the Obama presidency, the way they tried to destroy President Clinton with the Starr report?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Republicans for this, after all, some of the dumbest conspiracy theories about 9/11 and President Bush have come from the left. It’s the destructive winner-takes-all nature of modern American politics that is becoming so distasteful. Attempting to be a middle of the road Democrat or Republican is almost self destructive now, and this is not the way it used to be. President Reagan was able to work with Speaker O’Neill, yet now, working with people from another party is regarded as a weakness. Just ask Charie Crist.  

One thought on “Is America permanently divided?

  1. You don’t have to be too paranoid to look and listen to the Tea Baggers and some of the more demagoguic populists to hear echoes of Weimar Germany. I take as examples the quite deliberate destruction of consensus and to an extent as seen from this side of the Atlantic an inability to act for the national interest, the extreme statements made (say like Obama is a Muslim for example), the corruption of the political process by business interests amd the consequent inertia in the political system. All these seem both to paralyse and degrade the political process.

    Commenting from Scotland, it makes poor Hattie Harman’s comments about red-headed rodents seen almost innocent unless she’d been at the Beachcomber and meant to talk about red-headed dwarves.

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