Is it novel to expect politicians to be interested in, eh, politics?

Any chance someone might take an interest in, you know, the country?
Any chance someone might take an interest in, you know, the country?

If the Dail was suddenly informed that a massive meteorite was heading towards Earth, and was going to wipe out all human life, I suspect there would be silence. Then a lone voice would ask: ” That’s all well and good, but is the GAA club in Termonfeckin going to get a grant for a new roof?”

There’s a superb piece here in today’s Irish Times by Dan O’Brien about our politicians failings with regard to taking foriegn policy seriously.It highlights the fact that our political system actually works against bringing in talented world class people into political office. Our TDs will counter that they can only really concentrate on issues that the voters regard as important, ie, constituency graft, but who’s fault is that? If we had a network of constituency ombudsmen to deal with all that stuff, we could elect TDs to actually focuss on, you know, political issues, like where the f**k our oil, gas and electricity is going to come from as a) supplies dwindle, and b) the Russians get heavy. The fact that our political class refuses to deal with these issues is a act of criminal neglect.   

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