Is Michael Martin becoming FF’s John Major?

That John Major Effect.

That John Major Effect.

Stephen Collins’s piece in The Irish Times here is indicative of a issue that is beginning to permeate Fianna Fail. The fact is, aside from being in power, there’s little that holds the party together save for its more reactionary elements. Martin hasn’t got jobs or favours to keep people in line, and it’s beginning to show, a decent man trying to govern an ungovernable party?

His own deputy leader opposed him openly. He should have fired him, and placed a motion before the PP setting out exactly what his position is on the presidency and put it up to the PP: Back me or sack me.

Of course, that assumes that Martin actually has a position. If we have now reached a stage where the leader of FF is afraid to have a clear position because it might be opposed, well, that’s says it all, doesn’t it?

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