It’s snow, Goddammit!

Yesterday, the Labour party called for a “National Weather Emergency” to be declared. WTF? But what was more annoying was listening to an RTE presenter on Morning Ireland browbeat a poor (And reasonable sounding)  public official for not preventing any inconvenience whatsoever, or at least that was what it sounded like. What I always find fascinating is that everytime something like this happens, elected officials disappear, and non-elected people are shoved in front of the cameras. I saw one county councillor on the telly demanding that “the County council do something!” What? He is the bleedin’ county council! If I were in Fianna Fail, I’d have a coordinated campaign across the regional papers and radio pointing out that all the county councils are run by Fine Gael and Labour, and what are they going to do about it? Might as well enjoy themselves…   

One thought on “It’s snow, Goddammit!

  1. Think I saw that, the Councillor was Labour guy and he was fairly pathetic. For once, the media called his bluff and the presenter pointed out to him and his party did run the council. Stunned silence.

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