It’s that guy from that thing: Arnold Vosloo

Oh no, here comes that menancing slightly foriegn looking guy!

Arnold Vosloo: Oh no, here comes that menacing slightly foriegn looking guy!

In recent years, if you want a vaguely Arab looking gent to play your baddy, then Arnold Vosloo is almost certainly going to be top of your list. From the baddy in “The Mummy” to a particularly devious Arab terrorist in “24”, South African born Vosloo is your only man. It’s not commonly known that he took Liam Neeson’s place in not one but two sequels to “Darkman.”

No, I didn’t see them either. Constantly being mistaken for Billy Zane from “Titanic”, it’s really only a matter of time before Billy Zane starts getting mistaken for him.   

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