iTunes: A query.

You might be able to help me. Given that I have an uncanny ability to make hi-tech stuff not work (am on standby to be parachuted into Iran where I am, under Pres. Obama’s orders, to just stand beside Iranian reactors, thereby rendering them useless) I’m having a bit of difficulty with iTunes, so here’s my question: Is it possible to download ones’ previously purchased iTunes tracks when one no longer has access to the original computer they were downloaded onto? I’ve gone onto my iTunes account from a new laptop, and found that they are not listed at all on my account. Thoughts? Or should I just use a hammer?

4 thoughts on “iTunes: A query.

  1. Oh. What I would then try & do is pull the files off one computer and put them on the other. Someone more knowledgeable might know a simpler way, but I would copy the contents of the iTunes folder to an external memory drive and then transfer the files back across to the new laptop.

  2. Longman, unfortunately, the iPod is mac configured but the laptop is windows based, so am getting a restore to factory setting message when I connect. Hmm.

  3. Do you also have your music stored on an iPod? It is possible to transfer them onto a new laptop in that manner. Otherwise, assuming that you can still access the old laptop, I imagine that you should be able to transfer the actual files from one to the other.

    If neither of those options are available to you, then it may not be good news, as I do not think that you can download more than once from iTunes.

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