Jason’s Diary.

Well done to Senator Averil Power saying at the Magill Summer School here (35m in approx) what many Fianna Fail grassroots have been saying in private for years. But the question facing Micheal Martin is what is he actually going to do about it? Speeches are fine, but what mechanisms will he put in place to prevent future ethics abuses? I ask, because I remember the last time a young newly elected FF leader said that there was no room in FF for the loose ethics of the past. His name was Bertie Ahern. Actions, Micheal, actions!


I see Bord Gais are putting up prices again. I also see that we continue to have almost no debate on our future energy needs as a country. Except that we are anti-nuclear and support happy-clappy forms like solar panels and wind turbines as long as they are on other people’s houses and we can’t see them. We are now slowly walking into the energy version of our banking regulation fiasco, with a generation of politicians totally ignoring the issue in the hope that nothing bad will happen. But here’s the problem: We are at the end of nearly every major European energy supply chain. When things tighten, 500 million Europeans are ahead of us in the queue. Still, maybe Corrib gas will save us all.


Well done to my pal Andrea Pappin on her tour de force at Magill, where she confronted one particular cosy consensus about young people and politics.


My novel, “The Ministry of Love”, continues to make its (very modest) way in the Amazon world, with some nice reviews coming in. I was particularly grateful to Nick Barlow, a Lib Dem Councillor, for this review on his blog. 

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