Jason’s Diary.

No one rigs elections like the Americans do, and what’s even better is that they do it legally. Check out “The Redistricting Game” here to see how both main parties create safe seats for themselves, rendering the voters almost completely pointless. It would bring a tear to Mao’s eye. It’s also quite entertaining too.


Dropped into The Big Bang, the new comic and geekstuff store in Dundrum Shopping Centre. Some good stuff, and well worth a visit. Treated myself to a volume of Alan Moore’s excellent “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” too.


Speaking of things of that ilk, has anyone been watching “Falling Skies”, Spielberg’s new TV series about an alien invasion? Set in Boston, it’s basically Americans fighting a guerilla war against a technologically superior invader. What’s interesting is that whilst it maintains mystery about the aliens, it does give away more information as it goes along, as opposed to the enigma inside a puzzle wrapped in a riddle approach of certain shows (I’m looking at you, Lost). Season one just ended recently, but well worth a look.


Interesting piece here in The New York Times about how partisan Congress has become, and how it usen’t to be that way. Some interesting lessons here for Irish politics, methinks.



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