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A couple of things caught my eye today. Firstly, consider this story here, and consider how it is dealt with in the US here. Any mention of sex, and conservatives are all over it. Is it me, or do things in the US get politicised to a degree that they don’t get elsewhere?

Of course, the big story here this week is that pensioners maybe required to pay the correct level of tax. This has triggered the usual responses from jelly-like politicians who break into a cold sweat at anything to do with the (regular voting) pensioners? One politician, let’s call her Hilda Lookatme Please, put out the following tweet:

“# Revenue – Had to be shock for property developers who got letter from Revenue @ tax affairs. Should have been handled differently by Revenue”

How it should have been handled differently? Perhaps accompanying the letter with a nice cup of sweet tea and a chocolate digestive? Of course, she didn’t put out that tweet, because no one would dare question the idea of the Revenue going after any other section of society with the possible exception of the farmers, who also vote in solid numbers.

Why do we demand, on the one hand, that pensioners be treated with dignity and respect, and then treat them like bewildered numpties when they are required to obey the same law as everyone else? As for the “they’ve worked/paid taxes their whole life” argument, eh, haven’t we all? Pensioners should be treated with the exact same dignity and respect that we all deserve. After all, some of them are getting more in their pensions than they ever paid in tax, a point that is often forgotten.    


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