Jason’s Diary

Was in the Clondalkin Motor Tax Office renewing my driving licence today. Straightforward enough process, save for three guys trying to apply for some form of licence. One stood at the window with the official, whilst another filled in documents at the far side of the room, and a third took photos in a passport photo kiosk, and all three shouted at each other for holding the others up. In particular, I liked the one who lost his temper with passport photo guy not for not having his photos ready, but for somehow slowing up the photographic process.


Just finished one of my guilty pleasures, a 1968 thriller called “The President’s Plane is Missing!”, written by the late respected aviation journalist Robert J. Serling (brother of Rod “The Twilight Zone” Serling). A good old fashioned yarn about Air Force One going missing. Incidentally, he followed it up with an intriguingly titled sequel, “Air Force One is Haunted!”

Am reading (and enjoying) Johnny Ryan’s “A History of the Internet¬†and the Digital Future.”¬†Fascinating how human history is shaped by ordinary people just trading ideas.


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