Jason’s Diary

Just finished Alfred Coppel’s “The Hastings Conspiracy”, about a Soviet plan to trick a left wing British Government into thinking the US planned to invade Britain. 1970s hokum, but enjoyable enough. I’m now in that wonderful position of perusing that mocking edifice that is my “To Be Read” pile for my next book. It’s looking like Tim Weiner’s “Enemies: A history of the FBI”.

I’m also currently interchanging between seasons 3 of “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” on Netflix. Have to say, I’m enjoying Dexter more, as it is (ironically) a bit lighter, and just a tad more fun. Breaking Bad, I’ve found, has been a bit of a slog. I enjoy it, true, and can see what all the hoohah is about, but the reality is that I limit my TV viewing everyday, and prefer to allocate it to Dexter.

Just finished a first draft (20,000 words) of a new short story, Dr Iceweather, about a capitalist terrorist. Not sure if it’s any good yet, but starting the polishing process. The plan is to bundle it with two new short stories I’ve plotted but not written yet as a collection for Amazon. One of them has the working title of  “Adolf Hitler Street, Tel Aviv.”

And then there’s the Seanad referendum. Have been asked to speak in a debate (possibly 2) in late Sept (details to follow) and I’m working on my online contribution to the Yes side. My gut instinct tells me that turnout will be low, that pro-Seanad middle class voters are more likely to vote, and that the No side is ahead, despite what the polls say. But that just makes it all the more exciting.

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