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Currently reading Pat Leahy’s “Showtime”. Taking ages due to my very limited reading time, but very readable, especially as a snapshot of recent history. It actually jars sharply with Fianna Fail today, in that you get the distinct impression that there were people in Fianna Fail actually thinking about its future in the run up to the 1997 general election. Not sure the same can be said about now.


Also started watching, on Netflix, the science fiction cult classic “Firefly”, which I’ve never seen before. Basically a western set in space, or Star Wars with Han Solo as the main star. I can see the appeal.


I see there’s talk (again) of Lucinda setting up a new party. I have to admit to great scepticism about the prospect. When the PDs were set up, there was both a demand for PD style policies and no party offering them. I’m not sure the same can be said about today. What is it that a Lucinda led party would be offering that there is genuine popular support for and isn’t already offered by an existing party?

2 thoughts on “Jason’s Diary

  1. One of Lucinda’s problem is that her platform as outlined yesterday in the SBP doesn’t differ that much from FG before the last general election (promote entrepreneurship, political reform, public service reform). What is it about her and any of her supporters that would make them more likely to implement them if they were in government?

  2. That 1997 point could probably be made about Fine Gael right now in the sense that they give the impression when elected that they’d arrived at the summit and with FF in possible terminal disarray, were destined for several years/elections on the sunlit uplands – ho ho!

    Lucinda’s quest will have to be to offer out-and-out radical political change as the stultifying conservatism that hangs around all the ‘3 and a half’ establishment parties like a noose means that virtually nothing can be changed or developed, pace the Irish Water shambles just now…

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