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Brought my younger brother and sister to see “Hop” in Dundrum yesterday. It’s a movie that can be taken in two ways: One, about a young Easter bunny and his human friend who find their destiny, or two, about a load of oppressed chicks made work for a privileged and unelected Bunny caste whom they then overthrow in a peaceful revolution before the bunny caste is restored to power by powerful American intervention. I’m always surprised how prevalent the concept of the “birthright to command” is in children’s movies. I’m not getting all Guardian about it, just ask yourself how many times you see an elected leader in kids movies. They’re always benevolent kings or elders with a “right” to rule. My younger sister (7) announced that you should do what a princess says, but that everyone should be a princess if they want to be. The democratic heart continues to beat.


Speaking of monarchs, keep an eye out for all those politicians and their wives being very careful not to bow or curtsey when the British Queen arrives, for fear of having the piss taken out of them by the country. Can’t help thinking that there’ll be some in Fine Gael just itching to tug the forelock, although that’s probably very unfair. After all, it was the blues who actually did a lot of the fighting against the Brits when Dev sat out the War of Independence in the Waldorf Astoria. Having said that, I hear he had to put up with some pretty sub-par room service, so everyone took one for Ireland.


Hundreds attended the Rally Against Debt in London. Hundreds. Bless. Is it because they have little support, or more likely, the people who support them are not the demo type? After all, millions do vote Tory.


And finally, the things the Brits worry about. Here. Having said that, if it’s true, it makes the EU look pretty pathetic too.

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