Jason’s Diary

Gerry Lynch of the Alliance Party tipped me off to this little treasure. Love it. But remind me: wasn’t an Ireland inside the United Kingdom ruled by a home rule parliament the very thing that Northern unionists blocked for years? Or do they propose that Ireland inside the UK should have two parliaments? Why? And by the way, has anyone asked the rest of the Brits as to whether they suddenly want 100 Irish MPs arriving in the Commons in a centre bloc holding the country to ransom for more money? Still…Bless.


Well done, by the way, to RTE’s PrimeTime, which has once again done a better job here investigating the state’s failings over taxis and the NCT than the Oireachtas, and for considerably less money too. Given a choice between giving the Oireachtas more power and increasing PrimeTime’s budget, I know which one I would regard as giving better value to the citizen.


The future of extremist republicanism attempt to set fire to a union jack yesterday, but without much luck, God love them. Hat tip to Adrian Weckler for spotting this.

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