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Posted by Jason O on May 26, 2011 in Irish Politics |

The Danes ban Marmite here. At least the EU isn’t being blamed. (Hat tip Simon O’Connor)


What a load of nonsense going on about Enda supposedly plagarising President Obama’s speech. It was obviously a homage, sure Obama even started smiling as he recognised the words.


This story fascinated me, about Galway politicians being called on to act to ensure funding of Galway Airport. Imagine the outrage in Galway if they responded by bringing in a county airport tax to subsidise the airport. “No! We meant get other people to pay for our airport! Not us!”


I see Mary Davis is running for President. I wonder, should candidates “out” councillors or Oireachtas members who refuse to help them get onto the ballot paper. Take someone like Ivana Bacik, for example. Is she honestly going to attempt to prevent the Irish people from voting for the first openly gay presidential candidate? Because refusing to sign his papers, if she indeed does refuse (and I don’t know that she has), would surely be a question of putting party before principle.


The IFA protesting at the Competition Authority here. I heard someone pro-IFA¬†on the radio yesterday claim that what the country needed now was “more” political control over regulators, and that lack of political control was what caused the banking crisis! That’s certainly the most novel excuse I’ve heard, that poor old Bertie and Brian were desperately trying to get the regulators to get tough on the banks, but they refused because they were too independent. Hmmm. I wonder, did selling off their own supply chain (many of the the Co-ops) for a quick buck not have anything to do with the problem of poor retailer prices?

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Peter C
May 26, 2011 at 8:47 am

The Marmite story in untrue. http://www.amblondon.um.dk/NR/exeres/8A56692E-1780-495E-8176-F0E366653F52,frameless.htm?NRMODE=Published

The Daily Telegraph making stuff up about foreigners? I just don’t believe it.



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