John McGuinness: A Fianna Failer with balls?

McGuinness: Refreshingly blunt.
McGuinness: Refreshingly blunt.

Was watching maverick FF TD John McGuinness (Carlow-Kilkenny) on Prime Time last night, and was very impressed with his un-Fianna Fail straight talking about the need for public sector reform. Those of us who work in the private sector, and make up 81% of the workforce, as well as generate the wealth to fund the other 19%, aren’t actually anti-public sector. But we want someone to tell a few home truths, as McGuinness did.

 Yet another reason for having a National Constituency so that we can elect a few TDs who actually speak in the national interest.   

One thought on “John McGuinness: A Fianna Failer with balls?

  1. Has he ever actually done anything in the national interest?

    When he was looking for a promotion, and after he got sacked, he certainly talked the talk. Don’t remember him actually doing anything when he was a Minister at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment. And I certainly am not aware of him actually following through on his rhetoric at any stage either – either when he was a Minister, or after he realised the country was f&$ked (i.e. when he lost his job).

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