11 thoughts on “And once again…

  1. Rumour has it that in at least one of the unpublished letters he attacked the character of the child victim and again muddies the waters around the age of consent. One would also wonder about the circumstances of his departure from Trinity.

  2. I understand the fear, having been through two referendums. But it can be won, and it depends on liberals being prepared from the start, not being taken in by early poll leads and learning the lessons of similar campaigns elsewhere, like Prop 8 in California or Prop 1 in Maine. And certainly not by saying that it’ll be grand, we’ll get it right second time round. I don’t want to wait that long.

    Though I can owe you a pint for being a good Cassandra if it is defeated.

  3. My fear, having taken part in eight referendum campaigns of various sorts is that the No side will not campaign on the issue, but on a side issue, which will be the right to adopt, and on that issue, I feel the Irish are still very conservative.

  4. If you thought this possible, why the pessimism on this front http://jasonomahony.ie/?p=9839 ? I do think Norris could have been a contender had he not given the Magill and Daily Mail interviews or written that letter. I just think it’s a little early to be cynical about a different campaign that has yet to start.

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