Just who are the morons who vote Fianna Fail expecting major change?

There is nothing inherently wrong with voting Fianna Fail. If you believe that Ireland is essentially OK the way it is, save for a few modest tweaks here and there, then FF is the party for you, and more power to your elbow. FF is a party of minimum change, not out of ideology, but out of simple pragmatism. Change always upsets someone, so avoid it unless the alternative is worse. As a political value it is perfectly reasonable, and so I would not begrudge people who vote FF on that criteria. This is a conservative country, and it is hardly surprising that hundreds of thousands of people want it to be, broadly speaking, left alone.

Neither, by the way, is it wrong to vote FF purely to get revenge on FG and Labour for lying their way into office in 2011. STV is a particularly good voting system for getting some specific bastard good, transferring all over the shop to give him/her a good kick in the political goolies. Just ask FF in 2011.

But who are the morons, the gobshites, who will vote FF because they think FF will radically reverse the policies of Fine Gael and Labour? Who think that FF have a secret plan to supply billions in tax cuts and cut reversals? Who are these fools? In the last three years anyone with a pulse and a capacity for reason will have experienced life under FF, FG and Labour, and concluded that it is not radically different.

Of course, maybe I’m worrying too much. After all, anyone stupid enough to think that voting Fianna Fail will radically change Irish society will probably struggle to turn up at the right polling station on the right day anyway, and that’s assuming they don’t accidentally stab themselves with the pencil in the polling booth.

Hmm: is that why Bertie wanted to get rid of “the aul pencils” in elections, I wonder?

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