Karl Urban IS Judge Dredd.

To all those Judge Dredd fans who had their hearts broken by Stallone’s 1995 crime against cinema, rejoice. I have seen the new “Dredd” movie, and this is our guy. It looks and feels like the comic, and Urban, basically doing a young Clint Eastwood impression, delivers both in terms of action and dry one-liners.

It feels, with a script by Alex Garland, like a labour of love, and the attention to detail is wonderful. Mega City One is portrayed as a real city, busy, scruffy, worn down, with people just striving to get by, and it also manages to be sci-fi without too much sci-fi, essentially being a 22nd century Die Hard.

Olivia Thirlby also delivers as Judge Anderson, especially as she toughens up as the film progresses. There’s also a nice twist in the plot as to how the lead baddie, Ma-Ma, played by Game of Thrones’s Lena Headey (there’s a typecast danger right there) decides to deal with Dredd.

Dredd 2? I’ll be first in the queue.


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